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Prostate Cancer Videos

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To help educate patients and their loved ones, the Prostate Cancer Treatment Research Foundation. developed a series of Prostate Cancer Videos. These prostate cancer videos share information about Treatments, Side Effects, PSA, Prostate Cancer, the Prostate Cancer Results Study Group, Comparing Treatments and the role the Foundation plays in sharing the Prostate Cancer Treatment Results directly with you. We appreciate you taking a few minutes to review the videos below.

The Prostate Cancer Videos are recorded in High Definition format and provided with closed captions in English. The Foundation continues work to translate the closed captions to Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Japanese and more. If you don’t see the subtitles in the language of your choice, try using Google Translate. The bottom video, entitled “Video Translation Help” will lead you through that process. If you would like to help us with translations or to create more videos, press GIVE in the top right corner of your screen.

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Prostate Cancer Treatment Research Foundation

The Prostate Cancer Results Study Group has completed a groundbreaking study so that you can compare prostate cancer treatments, to determine which are the most effective. Select “COMPARE TREATMENTS” to see how.
Length 37 seconds.

Find the Best Prostate Cancer Treatment

This video, describes the work of the Prostate Cancer Results Study Group and the efforts by the Foundation to share that work directly with patients.
Length 4 minutes.

Prostate Cancer Treatment Options – Comparison Tutorial

Tutorial introducing the viewer to the features and functions available on the treatment comparison graph. After viewing you should understand how to compare different prostate cancer treatments.
Length 4.5 minutes.

Advice for Patients with Prostate Cancer

Just been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer? Get sound advice from Edward Weber, M.D. Prostate Cancer takes years to develop to where it can be diagnosed. Rising PSA, Biopsy or DRE? You didn’t just get prostate cancer, you have just been diagnosed with cancer. Take your time, to learn the options. Schedule appointments with specialist. Sessions with Urological Surgeons, Radiation Therapists and Medical Oncologists can help you sort through the Treatment Options.
Length 3:52 minutes.

Reduce Prostate Cancer Radiation Side Effects

R. Alex Hsi, MD, Radiation Oncologist describes a breakthrough method to reduce side effects when prostate cancer is treated with radiation. When choosing a treatment for Prostate Cancer, a man must consider the side effects caused by the treatment itself. Incontinence, impotence or erectile dysfunction, rectal inflammation called proctitis, are just a few side effects to consider. Watch this video to learn how to minimize some of the side effects caused by radiation.
Length 1 minute.

Is PSA Testing Necessary?

Edward Weber, M.D., Medical Oncologist explains why PSA testing is important. Prostate cancer screening has become controversial since a government committee, called the United States Preventative Task Force (USPSTF) recommended against routine PSA-based screening in 2012. This recommendation was based on a flawed study and there still remains much disagreement within the medical community regarding the merits of screening. Many professional medical societies, including the American Cancer Society and American Urologic Association still recommend some form of prostate cancer screening, although patients should discuss with their doctors the merits and drawbacks to screening.
Length 1.5 minutes.

PSA After Prostate Cancer Treatment

Dr. Peter Grimm describes the importance of the PSA blood test, both before and after prostate cancer treatment.
Length 2 minutes.

PSA After Prostate Cancer Treatment

Edward Weber, M.D. Medical Oncologist, describes the side effects of cardiac complications when receiving Androgen Deprivation Therapy, ADT, also known as Hormone Therapy, for treatment of Prostate Cancer. ADT is used to reduce the production of testosterone needed for the growth of prostate cancer cells. But ADT can have cardiac complications, especially on men with a history of heart disease.
Length 2 minutes.

Prostate Cancer Treatment Research Foundation Trailer

A video trailer, similar to a trailer at the movie theater, intended to allow the viewer to understand the scope and intent of the Foundation effort.
Length 1 minute.

Find the Best Prostate Cancer Treatment for You Introduction

Our very first video, to help those with Prostate Cancer get connected to
Length 1 minute.

Video Translation Help

Attention to viewers whose language of choice has not yet been translated into closed captions. This video has step by step instructions explaining the capabilities of Google Translate. Graphics show the viewer how to enable Closed Captions, then translate them into another language. With Google Translate a viewer can translate closed captions to as many as 60 different languages.
Length 1.5 minutes.


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