Prostate Cancer Results Study Group

Prostate Cancer Results Study Group

Prostate Cancer Results Study Group – Comparing Treatment Effectiveness

The Prostate Cancer Results Study Group, PCRSG, is an international team of doctors and medical professionals of all disciplines. These experts represent Robotic Surgery, Open Surgery, IMRT radiation, Seed Implantation, Brachytherapy, Proton Therapy, Prostate Pathologists and Prostate Medical Oncologists. This panel of experts was assembled to participate in a meta-analysis, or “study of studies”, to try and answer a very important question:

What prostate cancer treatments are most effective at eliminating localized cancer, and preventing the cancer from coming back?

The results of this study were initially published in 2012, and have since been updated twice per year. These results are compiled and used to generate the interactive charts on this web site. Selecting to compare treatments on any page of this website, will lead you to the interactive charts.

The Prostate Cancer Results Study Group continues to comprehensively review all modern published medical studies regarding prostate cancer treatment outcomes. To keep current, these results are updated twice a year. It is the purpose of the Foundation to share this information in an understandable format directly to patients.

The Prostate Cancer Results Study Group, has reviewed more than 31,000 articles published from 2000-2014 from all available respected journals. From these articles, 1,188 featured treatment results. Of those, 242 articles tracking 83,565 patients were identified as meeting the selection criteria for treatment results. The expert panel agreed unanimously on simple but strict criteria regarding which articles could be used to compare results.

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The Prostate Cancer Results Study Group Full Report is an excellent resource to use during patient-doctor discussions. The report is available from the Foundation for a minimum donation. Select the button to the right to obtain a copy of this file in PDF or Portable Document Format. Download Study Results Thumbnail