For Policy Makers

What policies will yield the best results?
Survival is important, of course.

But when localized prostate cancer treatment fails, and the cancer comes back, the cost of advanced treatment rises drastically. Our research provides an unbiased framework for comparing treatment outcomes and understanding the financial implications of treatment success and failure.

For those that are responsible for allocating resources, the work of the Prostate Cancer Treatment Research Foundation can help provide clarity and focus, and aid in the understanding of how localized treatment success translates into lower total cost of treatment.

Please contact us directly for more information about how you can use the study results, in detailed or summary form, or to learn more about the methodologies used in the analysis. We suggest using email, phone or US mail. Contact information is listed in the footer section at the bottom of each page. Thank you for your interest and contribution to the work of the Prostate Cancer Results Study Group.

The Prostate Cancer Results Study Group Full Report is an excellent resource to use during patient-doctor discussions. The report is available from the Foundation for a minimum donation. Select the button to the right to obtain a copy of this file in PDF or Portable Document Format. Download Study Results