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How can I stay on top of the latest prostate cancer control rates?
The Prostate Cancer Results study Group scans the literature monthly for treatment-related articles. Articles which meet the expert panel criteria are included in the data analysis and charts. The PCRSG charts portraying the latest comparative results are updated every six months and sent to you to use for presentation to patients, tumor board and talks. You can also use the interactive charts on this website.

The foundation provides material that can be excerpted and included in peer presentations.

Where does my experience fit in?
Please submit your published paper to us for inclusion in the study group analysis. If your paper meets the PCRSG criteria, your results will be included in the updated charts and subsequent papers. Please contact us directly at the email address below for more information about how you can use the study group results, or to get more detail about the study group, the acceptance criteria, or the methodologies used in the analysis.

If you would like to contact us directly, we suggest using email, phone or US mail. Contact information is listed in the footer section at the bottom of each page. Thank you for your interest and contribution to the work of the Prostate Cancer Results Study Group.

The Prostate Cancer Results Study Group Full Report is an excellent resource to use during patient-doctor discussions. The report is available from the Foundation for a minimum donation. Select the button to the right to obtain a copy of this file in PDF or Portable Document Format. Download Study Results