Comparing Prostate Cancer Treatments

Which Treatments That Leave Patients Prostate Cancer Free?

Comparing Prostate Cancer Treatments – Find the Most Effective Treatment

An international team of experts took on the task of Comparing Prostate Cancer Treatments for more than 100,000 patients over 15 years. The goal of the study was to determine who remained prostate cancer free after treatment. Making these treatment comparison results available to you, will help you find the most effective prostate cancer treatment.

Comparing Prostate Cancer Treatments begins by gathering information about your Prostate Cancer Diagnosis. Following tests, your Doctor will provide three elements that describe your prostate cancer. Your PSA, Stage and Gleason Score. These three elements help you determine your risk group. Find and select your Risk Group in the table below. This process takes you to the comparing prostate cancer treatments page, where you can select different treatments for prostate cancer and graphically see their effectiveness over time.

Find and Select your Risk Group – Compare Prostate Cancer Treatments

Step 1   From your Doctor, obtain your PSA, Clinical Stage and Grade or Gleason Score.

Step 2   Using the table below, determine and identify your Risk Group.

Compare Prostate Cancer Treatments - Low Risk

Compare Prostate Cancer Treatments - Intermediate Risk

Comparing Prostate Cancer Treatments - High Risk

Step 3   Click on the your RISK GROUP in the results table below to compare Prostate Cancer Treatments.

Prostate Cancer Treatment Comparisons - Low Risk

Prostate Cancer Treatment Comparisons - Intermediate Risk

Prostate Cancer Treatment Comparisons - High Risk

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